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Cheap instant shawl open for pre order
Isnin, 18 April 2016 ? 0 Budak Comel ?
It's been a while since my last post. I thought i'm not going to write again. Foundation year really turned me into a very busy person in the world. Besides, i'm working on my new business lately. Say Yeay!

I'm 20, and still doing my foundation. While most of my friends are entering their second year degree. Haha. WHAT A MESS! :') Well, we planned, but He knows better. So stay chill. Live your life to the fullesttttt yeeehhaaa. Alhamdulillah, this September i will further my degree. Hopefully i get the best course. Wish me luck :)

So, since this is my last semester, so there will be a long long vacation until my degree offer fly to my mail box. Therefore, i'm planning to continue with my instant  shawl business instead of dying of boredom in the house yo! Hey, come and support me! I have the best price for you. I'll make sure you will be satisfied. I make the best 'kelim' (i guess so, my friends said that, not me). And, yes, no leftover threads like other cheap shawl you bought at masjid India or night market. What's more, you can choose the colour, and i'll try to find it for you. Just drop your order. It's still open for the eve. :)

Instant shawl
heavy chiffon : 1 for RM 17 buy 3 for ONLY RM 45
Bubble/ glitter : 1 for RM 22, 3 for ONLY RM 60

Labuh version
Length : 2.00 m
Wide : 0.76 m

Standard version
Length : 1.75 m
Wide : 0.76 m

*i will upload the picture later :) See ya*

Thanks for reading :)

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