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A Fight
Jumaat, 20 April 2012 ? 0 Budak Comel ?
Assalamualaikum..hurm,,finally..Anis Suha can spend few time for this blog..
hurm..wat's going on with my life??
its all ruining around..fed up!
i just had a fight vd my big bro..tensyen!! Anis Suha have a bro??nope at all..
foster bro..haha..watever major loser *nonsense

hurm..what make i'm so angry vd him is..............
1. he scold me without thinking that the point is *(&%&$...i should'nt be the one he espect for.
2. he's changed a lot..but he said i'm the one who has changed! huh :(
3. he don't even care for me like before he &*%$#...
4. he try to detect my fault..
5. i think he spy me..anyone can tell me...who's his spy at MJSC Merbok??


Thanks for reading :)

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